Drink Aid Pre-Orders

Drink Aid Pre-Orders

1 Box containts 6 sachets with 2 pills each. Take 2 pills 30 min before a night of drinking and 2 more pills before sleeping for maximum results. All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars (S$). Due to high demand, waiting period will vary from 2 weeks to 1 month. Clients will be notified via WhatsApp. Self-collection may be made at Luxe Events Office in Singapore. Courrier charges of S$15 apply per trip for deliveries (higher charges apply for high volume orders). 


Purchases may be self collected at the following venue:

Luxe Events Pte Ltd

8 Eu Tong Sen St #16-82

The Central Office Two

Singapore 059818 


DrinkAid is certified by world-class industrial standards, which means you can be sure of the quality in every pill. DrinkAid is also 100% HSA compliant. 


100% HSA Compliant

DrinkAid is compliant with HSA's Health Supplement Guidelines and all the relevant legal statutes.


GMP-Certified Production

DrinkAid is produced in a certified facility so you know that quality is kept to the highest standards.


Lab Tested via HPLC

DrinkAid is HPLC lab-tested for purity, ensuring that our product is free from fillers and additives.


100% natural

100% backed by science.³

² Every pill is formulated with organic herbs and potent antioxidants to help you recover from the nasty side-effects of alcohol consumption quickly.

³ DrinkAid doesn't rely on anecdotal findings - its efficacy is fully supported by scientific research, so you can be sure that it works. 


Enjoy DrinkAid.

⁴ Small, airtight sachets for your maximum convenience.

⁴ Slim form factor allows you to keep a sachet (or two) in your wallet, so you can bring DrinkAid anywhere - and anytime - you need it.