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The Luxe Circle

Events & Entertainment
Luxe Events Pte Ltd provides entertainment and event support services to high net worth VIPs and organizations. Our portfolio includes event management services for exclusive luxury parties on private Superyachts (Pelorus, Kogo, Silver Zwei, Sea Force 1, Wally Power 118, Ecstasea) and popular party venues such as 1 OAK, Lex Tokyo, Gotha Club (Cannes), Toy Room (London), Billionaire Mansion (Dubai), Raspoutine (Paris), Jimmy's (Monaco), Ultra Festival (Croatia & Miami), LIV, Wall (Miami), Carpe Diem & Hula Hula (Croatia), Dragon-I, Volar & Play (Hong Kong), and Dragon Fly (Jakarta). Private concerts include Cold Play, The Fray, Black Eyed Peas, Brian Mcknight, David Guetta, Martin Garrix etc.

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